National Ptsd Awareness Day

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Hey there PTSD Awareness Day enthusiasts! We know your calendars are marked for this poignant occasion, and we've got everything you need to know about internet history of National PTSD Awareness Day. Whip out your streamers, and prepare to be enlightened!

When is Ptsd Awareness Day?

It's national ptsd awareness day on the 27th June.

When strolling down Internet memory lane...

National PTSD Awareness Day, tests the limits of our internet crawlers! Tracking our cyber journey, we've found a whopping 6848 mentions of this day online. The peak of these warblings, tweets, and posts coming on 27th June 2017. Seems like folks had their keyboards smoking and 'awareness' trending just right on that day!

Riding on the hashtags...

Online communities often come together under the umbrella of hashtags to foster empathy, awareness, and to show support for those battling PTSD. The importance of this organizations and individuals dedicated to it cannot be overstated as they help shape the conversation around PTSD and encourage broader public understanding of this mental health condition.

Let's have some fun...

While PTSD is a serious topic, we also found some lighthearted conversations. We encountered baking challenges raising funds for PTSD research, fitness competitions to promote mental and physical wellness, and even heartwarming pet therapy stories. They are small reminders that there is still sunshine and laughter amidst the struggle.

Did you know?

Did you know that on 27th June 2017, National PTSD Awareness Day mentions on the internet hit their all time high! Seems like the word 'awareness' sang a global anthem that day!


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23rd June 2015

Most mentioned on

27th June 2017

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