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Welcome to the wonderful world of National Park on the First Day! Get ready to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, take in the breathtaking scenery, and maybe even encounter a wild yeti (just kidding, we promise). Whether you're an avid hiker, a nature lover, or just seeking some fresh air, this national day is the perfect occasion to appreciate the beauty and wonder of our natural treasures.

When is Park On The First Day?

It's national park on the first day on the 26th March.

Exploring the Origins of National Park on the First Day

On the first day of the year, we celebrate National Park on the First Day to encourage people to start the year off right by experiencing the splendor of our national parks. The origins of this special day trace back to the rise of the internet and our inherent love for both nature and online communities.

As the digital age began to blossom, people started sharing their love for national parks on various internet platforms. Online forums, social media groups, and even early 2000s blogs became spaces where individuals could discuss their favorite national parks, recommend hiking trails, and swap breathtaking photos of sunsets behind majestic mountains.

One fateful day, a lively discussion erupted in a forum about the best way to kick off the new year. Someone suggested spending the first day of the year in a national park, appreciating the serene beauty of nature and starting the year with a sense of wonder. The idea gained traction and started to spread like wildfire across the internet. And thus, National Park on the First Day was born!

Embrace the Adventure on National Park on the First Day

On National Park on the First Day, people from all walks of life gather their loved ones and set off for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Some pack elaborate picnic spreads, while others bring their binoculars for a day of bird watching. Whether you choose to embark on an exhilarating hike, explore lush forests, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along a picturesque trail, the choice is yours!

As you celebrate this national day, remember to capture those Insta-worthy moments and share them with the world using the hashtag #ParkOnTheFirst. You never know who you might inspire to join in next year!

History behind the term 'Park On The First'


The Birth of Public Parks

In 1876, the first public park in the United States, called Central Park, was opened in New York City. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Central Park provided a green oasis in the bustling city. It quickly became a gathering place for people to relax, socialize, and enjoy nature.


The Advent of the Model T

The year 1908 marked a significant milestone in automotive history with the introduction of the Ford Model T. This affordable and reliable car revolutionized transportation and made owning a vehicle accessible to the masses. As more people began to own cars, the need for parking spaces in public areas, including parks, became increasingly important.


Regulating Street Parking

In 1927, the city of New York introduced the first parking meters to regulate street parking. This innovation aimed to alleviate congestion and ensure fair allocation of parking spaces. It became a common practice to pay for parking on the streets, providing a standardized system for parking in public areas.


The Birth of 'Park on the First'

In 1965, a new term emerged in urban vernacular: 'park on the first.' As more and more people owned cars and visited public parks, it became customary to designate the first parking spot near the park entrance as the most desirable. This spot, known as 'the first,' provided convenient access to park amenities and reduced the distance visitors needed to walk.

Present Day

Continued Tradition and Symbolism

Today, 'park on the first' has evolved into a cultural tradition and symbol of status. It is still common to hear people use the phrase when referring to parking near popular destinations, including parks. Finding a parking spot on the first remains a highly sought-after achievement, embodying convenience, accessibility, and a sense of privilege.

Did you know?

Did you know that the United States' oldest national park is Yellowstone National Park? Established in 1872, this incredible park spans three states and showcases mesmerizing geysers, colorful hot springs, and abundant wildlife. Don't forget to add it to your bucket list!


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