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Hey there wine lovers! Get your glasses ready because National Moscato Day is here to add a little sweetness to your life. Whether you like it dry or sweet, this day celebrates the delectable wonders of Moscato wine. So put on your sommelier hat, grab a bottle, and let's dive into the fizz-tastic history of National Moscato Day!

When is Moscato Day?

It's national moscato day on the 9th May.

The Origins of National Moscato Day

Like a well-aged wine, National Moscato Day has its own unique story. It all began when a group of wine enthusiasts, who had a deep appreciation for the sweet and bubbly nectar known as Moscato, decided to create a day dedicated to its exquisiteness.

The first time National Moscato Day was celebrated on the internet was on May 9, 2018. Since then, it has gained popularity among wine connoisseurs and casual sippers alike. People from all walks of life come together on this special day to raise a glass (or two) and toast to the fabulousness of Moscato wine.

Why Moscato?

Now you might be wondering, what's so special about Moscato? Well, let me tell you! Moscato is a wine that delights your taste buds with its notes of sweetness and fruity flavors. It's like sipping on sunshine in a glass. Whether you prefer a sparkling or still version, Moscato is perfect for those who enjoy a lighter, more refreshing wine experience.

But it's not just the taste that sets Moscato apart—it's also incredibly versatile. You can pair it with a variety of delicious dishes, from fresh salads to decadent desserts. So whether you're enjoying a romantic dinner or a fun-filled gathering with loved ones, Moscato is always a fantastic choice.

How to Celebrate National Moscato Day

Celebrating National Moscato Day is as easy as popping open a bottle and indulging in the delightful flavors of this beloved wine. Here are a few fun ways to make the most of this special day:

  • Host a Moscato tasting party and invite your friends to sample different varietals. You can even turn it into a friendly competition to see who can guess the flavors correctly!
  • Try your hand at creating Moscato infused cocktails. Get creative and mix this sweet elixir with other ingredients to create a unique and refreshing drink.
  • Pair your favorite Moscato with some yummy treats. From creamy cheeses to fresh fruits, there are countless options to complement the flavors of this delightful wine.
  • Share your love for Moscato on social media using the hashtag #NationalMoscatoDay. Connect with fellow wine enthusiasts and spread the joy of this glorious day!

Did You Know?

Did you know that Moscato has been around for centuries? It dates back to ancient times when it was consumed by Greek and Roman nobility. So, when you're sipping on Moscato, you're savoring a bit of wine history!

History behind the term 'Moscato'


The Birth of Moscato

In the year 1760, the term 'Moscato' was born. Moscato is derived from the Italian word 'mosca,' meaning fly. This name was given to the wine because it is said to attract bees and flies due to its sweet aroma and flavor. Moscato is known for its refreshing and fruity taste, making it a popular choice for wine enthusiasts around the world.


Admired by European Royals

During the 1780s, Moscato's popularity soared as it became a favorite among European royalty. The sweetness and delicacy of this wine made it a perfect choice for noble palates. European royals, including Napoleon Bonaparte, were known to have a preference for Moscato. Its growing reputation brought Moscato into the spotlight and solidified its place in the wine world.


The Rise of Asti Spumante

In 1870, a sparkling version of Moscato called Asti Spumante emerged in the Piedmont region of Italy. This effervescent wine quickly gained popularity and became synonymous with celebrations and special occasions. Asti Spumante is made using the Moscato grape variety, undergoing a secondary fermentation process to attain its characteristic bubbles. Its light and sweet profile make it a delightful choice for toasting and festive moments.


A Global Sensation

During the 1970s, Moscato experienced a resurgence in popularity around the world. This sweet wine captured the attention of wine enthusiasts who sought a refreshing and aromatic alternative to drier wines. Moscato's rise to fame was further accelerated by its appearance in popular culture, including mentions in songs by artists like Drake. Its accessibility and fruit-forward flavor profile made it appealing to a wide range of wine consumers.


Continuing Popularity

Today, Moscato remains a beloved wine choice for many individuals. Its versatility pairs well with various foods, from desserts to spicy dishes. Additionally, Moscato's low alcohol content and refreshing nature make it suitable for casual gatherings and outdoor events. The term 'Moscato' has become a recognized name in the wine industry, representing a wine style cherished by people worldwide for its delightful sweetness and aromatic qualities.

Did you know?

Did you know that Moscato has been around for centuries? It dates back to ancient times when it was consumed by Greek and Roman nobility. So, when you're sipping on Moscato, you're savoring a bit of wine history!


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