National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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Let's click our handcuffs to the beat of appreciation, folks! It's another glorious calendar day marked with extra sprinkles of gratitude. Today, we're delving into the tremendously laudable National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. A day less about donuts and fast cars, and more about honoring our brave, badge-wearing heroes keeping our streets safe.

When is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?

It's national law enforcement appreciation day on the 9th January.

A Friendly Salute to National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Our site detected 188246 mentions of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day floating in the vast ocean of the internet, with the highest peak popping up on the 9th of January, 2020. People's personal SWAT team of gratitude swooped in to mark their calendars and pay their respects to our local superheroes in blue. They likely realized that not all heroes wear capes, some prefer snazzy uniforms and shiny badges.

Flickering Blue Lights In History

Law enforcement has been around since the dawn of civilization, from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, to our modern times with dedicated professionals. Each civilization had its unique way of enforcing the law. But it wasn't until recently, relatively speaking, that we set a day aside to honor these professionals - hence the creation of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a special 24 hours dedicated solely to saying 'thank you' to our brave officers.

How the Internet Has Marked This Day

Like a police car racing down the information highway, the internet has been instrumental in revving up the appreciation for our law enforcement officers. Social media posts, blogs, and news articles further fuel the appreciation engine, igniting a global wave of gratitude that can't be locked behind bars. So, whether it's a supportive tweet, a heartfelt Facebook status, or even a lovingly made Instagram doughnut tribute, the worldwide web has surely left an indelible fingerprint on this day.

History behind the term 'Law Enforcement Appreciation'


The Birth of Law Enforcement

In the year 1790, the United States Congress authorized the creation of the first federal law enforcement agency, the United States Marshals Service. This marked the beginning of a formalized system of law enforcement in the country. The primary role of these marshals was to enforce federal laws and protect the federal courts.


The Establishment of Municipal Police Forces

In 1845, the New York City Police Department was established, becoming the first modern municipal police force in the United States. This marked a significant development in law enforcement as it set a precedent for other cities to establish their own police forces. Municipal police departments played a crucial role in maintaining law and order within their respective cities.


Rise of Prohibition and Organized Crime

During the 1920s, the United States implemented the Prohibition era, banning the manufacturing, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. This era led to an increase in organized crime as criminals took advantage of the lucrative illegal alcohol trade. Law enforcement agencies faced new challenges in combatting organized crime syndicates, prompting the need for specialized units and tactics.


Formation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

In 1930, J. Edgar Hoover became the director of the Bureau of Investigation, which later evolved into the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The establishment of the FBI marked a significant step in federal law enforcement, with a focus on investigating federal crimes and ensuring national security. The FBI played a vital role in combating various forms of criminal activity and maintaining public safety.


Civil Rights Movement and Law Enforcement

The 1960s witnessed a period of significant social and political change, particularly with the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Law enforcement often found itself at the center of contentious situations as they dealt with protests, demonstrations, and civil unrest. This era marked the start of increased scrutiny and public debate regarding police practices and accountability.


Community-Oriented Policing

During the 1970s, a shift in law enforcement philosophy occurred with the introduction of community-oriented policing. This approach emphasized building partnerships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. It encouraged officers to proactively engage with community members to address the root causes of crime and improve public safety. The concept of law enforcement appreciation began to take shape as communities recognized the importance of supporting their local police departments.


National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

In 1994, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund established National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.) to honor and show appreciation for law enforcement officers across the United States. Observed annually on January 9th, L.E.A.D. serves as a day for communities to come together and express gratitude towards those who risk their lives to protect and serve. It aims to foster positive relationships between law enforcement and the public.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first recorded system of law enforcement was established in 3000BC by the ancient Egyptians? They may not have had cool patrol cars back then, but they surely got the crime-busting ball rolling!


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