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Welcome to, where we uncover the internet history behind national days! Today, we are diving into an interesting topic that may raise eyebrows - National Incest Day. While we strive to entertain and inform, let's remember that our content is always light-hearted and safe for work. So buckle up, and let's explore the quirky history behind this day!

When is Incest Day?

It's national incest day on the 23rd April.

The Internet History of National Incest Day

First things first, we need to address a common misunderstanding. There is no such thing as National Incest Day. As a friendly website, we are committed to promoting positivity and celebrating wholesome national days. We do not endorse or support any content that may be harmful or inappropriate.

Occasionally, false information or controversial topics may circulate online, fueling rumors and misinformation. It's important to approach the internet with a critical eye and verify the credibility of the sources. National days are meant to be fun and inclusive, bringing people together to celebrate various aspects of life.

So, if you stumbled upon National Incest Day in your online ventures, it's safe to say that it is a fabrication or a distasteful prank. We encourage you to explore the countless other national days filled with joy, laughter, and positivity!

History behind the term 'Incest'


The Emergence of the Term

The term 'incest' originates from the Latin word 'incestus,' which means impure or unchaste. It was first used in the English language around the year 1140 during the Middle Ages. The concept of incest refers to sexual relationships or marriages between individuals who are closely related by blood or law.


Legal and Religious Definitions

During the 16th century, both legal and religious authorities started to define and address the issue of incest. In 1566, the Anglican Church established guidelines specifying which relatives were permissible for marriage, thus prohibiting marriages between close relatives. Legal systems also began to implement laws against incestuous relationships to uphold the social order and prevent potential genetic disorders.


Scientific Understanding

In 1897, Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud introduced the concept of the 'Oedipus complex' in his famous work 'The Interpretation of Dreams.' This psychoanalytical theory explored the unconscious desires and conflicts related to family dynamics and proposed that children have innate sexual feelings towards their opposite-sex parent, leading to intense feelings of jealousy towards the same-sex parent. Freud's theories greatly influenced the understanding and discussion of incestuous desires within a psychological context.

20th Century

Expanded Legal Definitions

Throughout the 20th century, the legal definitions and societal attitudes towards incest further evolved. Many countries enacted specific laws criminalizing incestuous relationships, not only to safeguard against potential genetic risks but also to protect individuals from sexual abuse within their own families. These legal measures aimed to address the social taboo and protect the welfare of vulnerable family members involved.

Present Day

Social Stigma and Taboo

In modern times, the term 'incest' remains deeply stigmatized and taboo across most cultures. It is widely considered morally, socially, and legally unacceptable due to the potential for exploitation, power imbalances, and the increased likelihood of genetic disorders in offspring. The cultural impact of the term reinforces the importance of maintaining healthy familial relationships and protecting individuals from harm.

Did you know?

Did you know? There are hundreds of real and delightful national days celebrated around the world. From National Ice Cream Day to National Hug Your Cat Day, there is always a reason to embrace the lighter side of life!


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