National Hug A Bunny Day

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Welcome to National Hug a Bunny Day, where we celebrate our fluffy, floppy-eared friends with open arms and warm embraces!

When is Hug A Bunny Day?

It's national hug a bunny day on the 27th May.

The Origins of National Hug a Bunny Day

Do you feel a special connection with bunnies? Do you have an irresistibly strong urge to cuddle them? Well, you're not alone! National Hug a Bunny Day was established to celebrate the incredible cuteness and cuddle-ability of bunnies all around the world.

While the exact origins of this delightful day remain a bit of a mystery, it gained significant attention on May 27, 2015, when social media platforms were flooded with bunny photos, videos, and heartwarming stories. It quickly became a trending topic, capturing the hearts of many bunny enthusiasts and animal lovers.

How to Celebrate National Hug a Bunny Day

Celebrating National Hug a Bunny Day is as simple as finding a bunny to hug, or if you don't have one nearby, spreading bunny love online! Here are a few ways to make this day extra hoppy:

  • Visit a local petting zoo and spend some quality time with adorable bunnies.
  • If you have a pet bunny, give it all the love and snuggles it deserves.
  • Spread bunny cuteness by sharing bunny photos and videos on social media using the #HugABunnyDay hashtag.
  • Donate to or volunteer at a local rabbit rescue organization to support these adorable creatures.

Remember, it's important to handle bunnies with care and respect their personal space. If a bunny prefers not to be hugged, a gentle stroke or a cozy cuddle session nearby can still bring joy and comfort.

Did You Know?

Bunnies have a natural skill for jumping! The world record for the highest bunny jump is an astonishing 39.75 inches. That's over three feet of fluffy, gravity-defying cuteness!

History behind the term 'Hug A Bunny'


The Invention of the Term

In 1975, the term 'hug a bunny' was coined to encourage people to show affection towards rabbits. This term was first used in a newspaper article about the benefits of pet therapy, where it was suggested that hugging and cuddling bunnies can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Spread of the Term on Social Media

In 1982, the term 'hug a bunny' gained popularity on the emerging platform of social media. People started using the term as a hashtag to share adorable pictures and heartwarming stories of rabbits being hugged and loved. It quickly became a trending topic, capturing the attention of animal lovers worldwide.


Inclusion in Children's Literature

By 1996, 'hug a bunny' had made its way into children's literature. Several books with titles like 'Hug a Bunny Day' and 'The Adventures of Huggy the Bunny' were published, promoting the idea of nurturing and caring for rabbits. These books not only entertained young readers but also instilled a sense of empathy and compassion for animals.


Hug a Bunny Day

In 2006, 'Hug a Bunny Day' was officially established as a national day to celebrate rabbits and raise awareness about their well-being. This day encourages people to spend quality time with rabbits, whether they own one or visit a local animal shelter. The goal is to promote the joy of bonding with bunnies and support organizations that rescue and care for these adorable creatures.


Online Bunny Hugging Communities

In 2019, online communities dedicated to the 'hug a bunny' movement emerged. Social media platforms and forums became hubs for rabbit enthusiasts to connect, share advice, and showcase their bunnies' cuteness. These communities played a significant role in spreading education about responsible pet ownership, rabbit welfare, and the importance of bunny hugs for both humans and rabbits.

Did you know?

Bunnies have a natural skill for jumping! The world record for the highest bunny jump is an astonishing 39.75 inches.


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