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Eggs. You eat them for breakfast, you dye them for Easter, and apparently, there's even a national day dedicated to them. Who would have thought? Well, here at, we leave no omelet unturned and no sunny-side-up unflipped, so let's crack open the story of National Eggs Day and see what all the shell-abration is about!

When is Eggs Day?

It's national eggs day on the 2nd June.

The Birth of National Eggs Day

National Eggs Day had its humble beginnings on the morning of June 2, 2016. The internet was abuzz with rumors and speculation about eggs, and suddenly, someone had the bright idea to declare it a national day. And why not? Eggs are crackingly delicious, versatile, and packed with protein. It's about time they got the recognition they deserve.

The Great Egg Debate

Now, whether you like your eggs scrambled, fried, poached, or devilish (yes, we're talking about deviled eggs), there's no denying that eggs have sparked many a heated debate. Should they be refrigerated or not? Should you eat the yolks, or are they evil cholesterol bombs? It's a shell of a discussion, but we won't go into all the details here. Just enjoy your eggs and let the nutritionists battle it out.

Egg-cellent Uses for Eggs

Eggs are not only delicious but also incredibly versatile. They can bind ingredients in baking, add richness to sauces, and even be used for face masks (no, really, Google it). Plus, they're a staple in many beloved dishes around the world, from French omelets to Japanese ramen eggs. So whether you're a chef, a foodie, or just a hungry person, eggs have got you covered.

History behind the term 'Eggs'


Shell Game

The term 'eggs' can be traced back to the year 1340 when it was derived from the Old Norse word 'eggja'. This early meaning referred specifically to the shell of an egg. Interestingly, the word 'eggja' was also used to describe the action of hatching or incubating eggs.


From Chicken to Egg

By the year 1398, the term 'eggs' had expanded to refer not only to the eggshell but also to the contents within. It was commonly used to describe the reproductive body laid by birds, especially chickens. Eggs had become a vital source of food and were being recognized for their nutritional value.


Egg as a Verb

In 1552, the term 'eggs' took on another role as a verb meaning to lay or produce eggs. This usage came from the Middle English word 'eggen' which had a similar meaning. This linguistic evolution reflected the increasing importance of eggs as both food and symbols of fertility.


Egg White and Yolk

In 1682, the term 'eggs' gained more specific distinctions with the introduction of 'egg white' and 'egg yolk'. The different components of an egg were recognized for their distinct properties and culinary applications. Separating the egg white from the yolk became a common cooking technique.


Eggs in Literature

The term 'eggs' made its mark in literature in 1805 when Lewis Carroll famously wrote about 'Humpty Dumpty' in his book 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. This nursery rhyme character played a significant role in solidifying eggs as a universally recognized symbol of fragility.


Eggceptional Easter

Eggs became an integral part of Easter celebrations in 1876 when the first White House Easter Egg Roll was held. This annual tradition, initiated by President Rutherford B. Hayes, further popularized the association between eggs and Easter, emphasizing their symbolism of new life and rebirth.


The Birth of Cadbury Creme Eggs

The term 'eggs' took a sweet turn in 1916 with the introduction of Cadbury Creme Eggs. These iconic chocolate confections, filled with a gooey fondant center, quickly became a favorite Easter treat for many. They continue to be enjoyed worldwide as a symbol of indulgence and seasonal joy.

Did you know?

Did you know that the largest egg ever laid by a chicken was a whopping 9.1 inches in circumference? That's one big egg! It must have been laid by a chicken on steroids or maybe a giant who moonlights as a chicken. We'll leave that up to your imagination.


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