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Welcome to National Coke Day, where we celebrate the fizzy, caffeinated beverage that has been fueling our sugar cravings and caffeine addictions since forever! Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Coca Cola, shake up your taste buds, and learn some fun facts along the way.

When is Coke Day?

It's national coke day on the 20th April.

The Birth of a Soda Legend

Did you know that Coca Cola was originally created as a patent medicine? Yes, you heard it right! Back in the late 19th century, pharmacist John Pemberton whipped up a concoction intended to cure headaches and exhaustion. And boy, did it cure more than that! The secret formula blended carbonated water, coca leaves, and kola nuts, creating the magic we now know as Coca Cola.

Fast forward to today, and Coca Cola has become a global phenomenon, with millions of cans and bottles consumed daily. It has become a symbol of refreshment, happiness, and sometimes even, the perfect mixer for your favorite cocktails.

A Pop Culture Icon

Coca Cola has been ingrained in our pop culture for decades. Remember those adorable polar bears skating on ice? Or the iconic jingling sound of glass bottles being opened? And who can forget the famous Coca Cola ads during the Super Bowl? They never cease to bring a smile to our faces!

The red and white logo is instantly recognizable, and it's not just a logo—it's a brand that brings people together. Whether it's at family barbecues, movie nights, or even lunch breaks, Coca Cola has always been there, ready to add a refreshing touch to any occasion.

Sipping Coke, Celebrating Life

Today, on National Coke Day, we encourage you to grab a cold, fizzy can of Coca Cola and raise a toast to the little moments that make life so sweet. Share it with your loved ones, enjoy it while watching your favorite sports, or simply savor it during a moment of relaxation.

Remember, National Coke Day is all about celebrating life, spreading joy one beverage at a time. So go ahead, open that can, take a sip, and let the world fizz away!

History behind the term 'Coke'


The Invention of Coca-Cola

In 1886, a pharmacist named John Pemberton invented a sweet and fizzy syrup in Atlanta, Georgia. He mixed the syrup with carbonated water to create a refreshing beverage. This newly created drink was later named Coca-Cola, which was derived from the coca leaves and kola nuts used as ingredients.


Trademarking the Term Coke

The term 'coke' was first used as a short form for Coca-Cola in 1892. Seeking to protect the brand, the Coca-Cola Company trademarked the term to prevent other companies from using it. The term quickly gained popularity and became synonymous with Coca-Cola.


Becoming a Colloquial Term

Over the years, the term 'coke' became widely used as a colloquial term for any carbonated soft drink, regardless of the brand. This usage spread across the United States and eventually became common in many English-speaking countries. It became a generic term to describe any fizzy beverage.


Trademark Dispute: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

In 1944, Coca-Cola Company initiated a trademark dispute with Pepsi. Pepsi had promoted its soft drink using the slogan 'Delicious and Healthful,' often referred to as 'Pepsi-Cola.' However, the Coca-Cola Company argued that the term 'cola' was too similar to their own trademark term, 'Coke,' and could cause confusion among consumers. Eventually, an agreement was reached, whereby Pepsi agreed to use the term 'Pepsi' instead of 'Pepsi-Cola.'


The New Coke Fiasco

In 1985, Coca-Cola made a significant change to their classic formula by introducing a new formulation called 'New Coke.' The updated taste received widespread criticism and faced backlash from loyal Coca-Cola consumers. The term 'New Coke' quickly became associated with failure and became a cautionary tale in the realm of product marketing. The original formula, soon referred to as 'Coca-Cola Classic,' was brought back due to public outcry.


Popularity & Diversity

The term 'coke' continues to be widely used to describe any carbonated soft drink, but its association with the Coca-Cola brand remains strong. In many regions worldwide, including the southern United States, 'coke' has become a generic term for any soft drink. However, there are still some places where the term 'coke' specifically refers to Coca-Cola. With the broad spectrum of soft drinks available today, 'coke' serves as a nostalgic term, reminding us of the origin and long-lasting impact of carbonated beverages.

Did you know?

Did you know that Coca Cola introduced the first-ever coupon in 1887? Shoppers were able to redeem a free drink by presenting the coupon at their local soda fountain. Talk about a refreshing deal!


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