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Hey there chip enthusiasts! Are you ready to celebrate National Chip Day? Get your taste buds primed and your dipping sauces at the ready because this day is all about indulging in everyone's favorite crispy potato treat. Whether you prefer them crunchy or soft, seasoned or plain, National Chip Day is the perfect excuse to snack away to your heart's content!

When is Chip Day?

It's national chip day on the 14th March.

The Origins of National Chip Day

While the exact origins of National Chip Day remain a mystery, there's no denying the popularity of this delicious holiday. People all around the world take part in celebrating the humble chip, also known as the French fry or potato chip, depending on where you're from.

Chips have a rich history that dates back centuries. It is believed that the potato originated in South America and was introduced to Europe in the late 15th century by Spanish explorers. From there, the humble spud quickly gained popularity and eventually found its way into kitchens across the globe.

The first fried chip is said to have been made by chef George Crum in 1853. At Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York, a customer complained that his fried potatoes were too thick. In response, Crum sliced the potatoes paper-thin and fried them until they were crunchy. To his surprise, the customer loved them, and the potato chip was born!

How to Celebrate National Chip Day

There are countless ways to celebrate National Chip Day, but the most important thing is to enjoy your favorite type of chip. Whether you're a fan of classic potato chips, crispy tortilla chips, or even healthy vegetable chips, this is the day to indulge.

Gather your loved ones for a chip-themed gathering. You can host a chip tasting party, where everyone brings a different flavor or variety of chips to share. Set up a DIY chip bar with an array of dips and toppings, and let everyone get creative with their chip combinations!

If you're feeling adventurous, why not try making your own chips at home? Slice up some potatoes or vegetables, season them to your liking, and fry or bake them until they're golden and crispy. Not only will you have a delicious homemade snack, but you'll also impress your friends and family with your culinary skills.

History behind the term 'Chip'


Potato 'chip' is invented

In 1853, a chef by the name of George Crum invented the potato 'chip' at Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York. Crum, irritated by a customer who continuously sent back his thick-cut french fries because they were too soggy, decided to retaliate. He sliced the potatoes paper-thin, fried them until they were crispy, and seasoned them with salt. Surprisingly, the customer loved them, and potato chips quickly became a popular snack.


Mechanical potato slicers are introduced

By the late 1880s, potato chips had gained popularity, leading to a high demand for their production. In 1880, mechanical potato slicers were introduced, making it easier to manufacture large quantities of thin, uniform potato slices. This invention revolutionized the chip-making industry and allowed for mass production of potato chips.


Chips are sold in wax paper bags

In 1895, chips started being sold in wax paper bags. Prior to this, they were predominantly sold in bulk, scooped into paper cones or baskets. The introduction of wax paper bags ensured that the chips stayed fresh and crispy, making them more convenient for customers to carry and enjoy.


Flavored chips hit the market

In the 1920s, flavored potato chips burst onto the scene. Companies began experimenting with different seasonings and flavors to cater to consumers' preferences. Barbecue, sour cream and onion, and cheese-flavored chips gained immense popularity and became staples in the chip industry.


The chip bag is invented

In 1930, Laura Scudder, a California-based entrepreneur, invented the airtight potato chip bag. Scudder's innovation prevented the chips from going stale by keeping out moisture and air, significantly extending their shelf life. The chip bag quickly became a standard packaging method in the chip industry.

Did you know?

Did you know that chips are so beloved in the United States that March 14th is also recognized as National Potato Chip Day? That's right, a day dedicated solely to celebrating this salty snack. So, if you can't get enough of chips, you have two fantastic days to satisfy your cravings!


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