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Welcome to the wacky world of National Big Day! Get ready to celebrate all things BIG with your loved ones, indulge in some delicious food, show off your sports skills, and bask in the grandeur of this larger-than-life day. Prepare to have your mind blown and your heart filled with sizeable joy!

When is Big Day?

It's national big day on the 9th June.

The Birth of National Big Day

National Big Day was born out of a collective fascination with all things oversized. It all began on June 9th, 2015 when the internet exploded with 62 mentions of this massive day. From that moment on, people around the world started embracing the idea of celebrating everything big, because let's face it, bigger is always better!

Embracing the Big Spirit

On National Big Day, people of all shapes and sizes come together to revel in the grandness of life. From skyscrapers to mountains, from football stadiums to sumo wrestlers, everything that can be described as BIG is celebrated on this special day. It's a chance to appreciate the colossal wonders that surround us and to find inspiration in their magnificence.

Big Fun for Everyone

When it comes to celebrating National Big Day, the possibilities are endless. Plan a feast fit for giants, with massive portions of your favorite foods. Engage in supersized sports activities, like playing oversized Jenga or attempting to bowl with a beach ball. Embrace the big-hearted spirit of the day by showing kindness and love to all those around you. And don't forget to take plenty of photos as you capture the larger than life moments of this special occasion!

Remembering the Big Moments

Aside from all the fun and games, National Big Day also serves as a time for reflection and remembrance. Take a moment to honor those big moments in history that have shaped our world, whether it's the construction of monumental landmarks or the groundbreaking achievements of larger-than-life individuals. Let's raise a glass (preferably a big one) in tribute to these awe-inspiring milestones.

Spread the Big Love

One of the most amazing things about National Big Day is that it's a day for everyone, regardless of their age, size, or location. Whether you're spending it with family, friends, or even just yourself, make sure to spread the big love and share the joy with everyone around you. After all, life is always more enjoyable when we celebrate together!

History behind the term 'Big'

Old English period (450-1100)

The Beginnings

The word 'big' has its origins in the Old English word 'bieg', which meant 'powerful' or 'strong'. During this time, 'big' was used to describe something or someone that possessed great physical strength or authority.

12th Century

Old English Beginnings

The term 'big' has its roots in Old English, where it was derived from the word 'bīg', meaning 'powerful' or 'great'. In this early period, 'big' was primarily used to describe physical size or strength.

Late 16th Century

Expansion into General Usage

During the late 16th century, the usage of 'big' expanded beyond its physical connotations and began to encompass a broader sense of importance or significance. It started being used to describe concepts, ideas, or events that held significant influence or impact.

Middle English period (1100-1500)

Expansion of Meaning

In the Middle English period, the meaning of 'big' extended beyond physical strength to encompass other qualities like importance, significance, and abundance. It started being associated with objects and ideas that were grand, influential, or impressive.

Early 19th Century

Emergence of 'Big' as an Americanism

In the early 19th century, 'big' gained prominence as an Americanism, finding its way into the unique vocabulary of American English. It became a commonly used term in the United States, representing the American spirit of ambition and the pursuit of greatness.

16th Century

Size Matters

During the 16th century, 'big' became increasingly associated with size. It was used to describe things that were large in physical dimensions, such as 'big houses', 'big mountains', or 'big ships'. The term gained popularity in describing the scale and magnitude of objects.

Mid 20th Century

Big Concepts in Popular Culture

The mid 20th century witnessed the rise of 'big' concepts in popular culture. The idea of 'Big Ideas' became prevalent, denoting transformative concepts that challenged traditional norms. As a result, phrases like 'big dreams', 'big thinking', and 'big picture' gained momentum, representing the desire for grand and impactful ideas.

19th Century

Big Business

In the 19th century, following the industrial revolution, the term 'big' took on a new connotation – it became closely associated with large corporations and the emergence of big business. This referred to companies that dominated their industries and had significant economic power.

Present Day

Expansive Use in Contemporary Language

Today, the term 'big' has become an integral part of everyday language, used to denote various aspects of size, importance, and influence. It continues to evolve and adapt to the shifting cultural landscape and is deeply embedded in our vocabulary, symbolizing the pursuit of excellence, grandeur, and significance.

20th Century

Pop Culture Impact

Throughout the 20th century, 'big' continued to permeate various aspects of popular culture. It became a popular adjective in film titles, such as 'The Big Sleep' (1946) and 'Big' (1988). Additionally, the term was widely adopted in phrases like 'big-time', 'big-league', and 'big shot' to convey a sense of importance, success, or prominence.


The Modern Context

In today's world, the term 'big' is used in a multitude of contexts, ranging from physical size and scale to significance and influence. It remains a versatile word that captures a wide array of meanings, both literal and figurative, continuing to shape our language and culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's biggest pizza, which measured 131 feet in diameter, was made in Rome, Italy? Talk about a slice of heaven!


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