National Best Friend Day

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Who needs superheroes when you have a best friend? That's right, on National Best Friend Day, you're encouraged to celebrate that main sidekick in your life. Remember that an apple a day might keep the doctor away, but a best friend can help you get through pretty much anything.

When is Best Friend Day?

It's national best friend day on the 9th June.

It's National Best Friend Day!

Celebrated around the globe, National Best Friend Day first gained traction on social platforms. Did people need another reason to appreciate their partners-in-crime? Surely, not! But they still took it wholeheartedly. Our data detected 512,230 mentions online with the most chatter happening on June 9th, 2015. Proving that, yes, there are THAT many best friends out there!

The Birth of a National Day

The origin of National Best Friend Day is a bit shrouded in mystery - just like most friendships! Some believe it was created by greeting card companies (no surprises there), while others suggest it evolved organically from the friends appreciating friends. It's grown incredibly popular over past few years, suggesting we're thankful for the excuse to have a day dedicated to celebrating our close companions.

How to Celebrate?

From video calls to sending thoughtful gifts, people across the world celebrate National Best friend Day in numerous heartfelt ways. Some upload nostalgic pictures on social media, others surprise their besties with a thoughtful note. After all, celebrating a best friend isn’t about grand gestures - it’s the thought and sentiment that counts.

So, Here's to Best Friends Everywhere!

In conclusion, National Best Friends Day encourages us to take a moment from our busy lives to cherish people who offer us unconditional sanity. Though we might celebrate our besties every day, it's quite special to have a day dedicated to the awesomeness that is our best friend. So, shout out to the laugh inducers, secret keepers, and constant supporters. Have a friend-tastic National Best Friend Day!

History behind the term 'Best Friend'


Early Usage

The term 'best friend' can trace its roots back to the 16th century when it started to gain popularity in English literature. It was commonly used to refer to a person who is closest to another person in terms of companionship and trust.


Victorian Era

During the Victorian era, the concept of having a 'best friend' became increasingly important. Etiquette and social norms were emphasized, and having a trusted confidant or a 'bosom friend' was seen as a sign of status and refinement. It was a time when friendships were cherished and celebrated in literature, art, and society.


Pop Culture Influence

In the 1920s, the term 'best friend' started gaining more popularity in mainstream culture. Movies, books, and songs began portraying the importance and significance of having a loyal and trusted companion. This era saw the rise of iconic friendships in popular culture, further solidifying the term's cultural impact.


Modern Usage

The term 'best friend' became widely used in everyday language in the 1960s. It became a common phrase to describe an exceptionally close friendship, often characterized by shared interests, emotional support, and a deep bond. The idea of having a best friend as someone who understands and accepts you unconditionally gained widespread acceptance.


Contemporary Significance

In today's culture, the term 'best friend' continues to hold significant meaning. It represents the person with whom you share your deepest secrets, adventures, and memories. Social media platforms have also popularized the concept of 'best friends' by allowing users to designate their closest connections. Despite the evolving language and trends, the concept of having a best friend remains a fundamental part of human connection and companionship.

Did you know?

Did you know? The record for the longest friendship ever is 79 years! Beat that!


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