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Welcome to National Best Friend Day, one of the most heartwarming days on the calendar! This special day is all about celebrating the wonderful bond we share with our besties, partners-in-crime, and partners-in-Laughter. Get ready to bask in the glory of friendship and reminisce about the good times. It's time to let your best friend know just how much they mean to you!

When is Best Friend Best Friend Day?

It's national best friend best friend day on the 9th June.

The Internet History of National Best Friend Day

While Best Friend Day has been celebrated for years, thanks to the internet, it has gained even more popularity and recognition. The online world has given us the opportunity to connect with people all over the globe, including our best friends. From heartfelt social media posts to virtual hangouts, the internet has become a hub for celebrating the beauty of friendship.

In recent years, National Best Friend Day has become a trending topic on various social media platforms. People share adorable photos, inside jokes, and heartwarming messages to honor their cherished friendships. It's a day filled with virtual hugs, virtual high-fives, and virtual toasts to honor those friends who have made life brighter.

Best Friend Day also serves as a reminder to take a break from our busy lives and spend quality time with our best pals. Whether it's going on an adventure, having a movie marathon, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee together, this day encourages us to appreciate and nurture the friendships that have stood the test of time.

History behind the term 'Best Friend Best Friend'


Emergence of the term 'best friend'

In the year 1910, the term 'best friend' emerged in American slang. It referred to an individual who was considered to be a person's closest and most trusted friend. The concept of having a 'best friend' gained popularity during this time, highlighting the significance of strong personal connections in people's lives.


Widespread usage of the term

By the 1920s, the term 'best friend' had become widely used and understood. It was commonly used to describe the unique bond and camaraderie shared between two individuals. The idea of having a 'best friend' continued to gain recognition and became an integral part of popular culture.


Expansion to 'best friend best friend'

In the 1960s, an emphasis on the strength of friendship led to the repetition of the term 'best friend,' giving birth to the phrase 'best friend best friend.' This repetition added an extra layer of emphasis to the idea of having an extremely close and trusted companion. The repetition of the term served as an expression of the deep bond between individuals.


Popularity in popular culture

As the phrase 'best friend best friend' continued to echo through social circles, it found its way into popular culture in the 1990s. It became a common phrase used in music, literature, and movies to depict the unbreakable friendship between two characters. The expression 'best friend best friend' further solidified the concept of having an unwavering support system.


Continued relevance and celebration

Today, the phrase 'best friend best friend' remains a cherished term used to describe the strongest and most meaningful friendships. It continues to hold an important place in people's lives as it represents the irreplaceable bond shared between two individuals. This celebration of the term through National Best Friend Best Friend Day further emphasizes the significance of true friendship.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'best friend' dates back to the 16th century? It was commonly used to refer to the closest and dearest friend a person had. Looks like besties have been in our lives for centuries!


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