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Hey there, folks! Get ready to show some love and appreciation because it's National Appreciation Day! This delightful occasion gives us the perfect opportunity to thank the people who make a positive impact in our lives.

When is Appreciation Day?

It's national appreciation day on the 7th May.

The Birth of National Appreciation Day

If we were to pinpoint the exact origins of National Appreciation Day, we'd probably be looking forever. Unlike other national days that have a clear history, the concept of appreciation has been around since, well, forever.

However, the celebration of National Appreciation Day on a specific date gained popularity in recent years. People started acknowledging the need for a day dedicated to expressing gratitude and recognition for others. It's a chance to let the people who make a difference know just how much they mean to us.

Ways to Celebrate

When it comes to National Appreciation Day, there are countless ways to celebrate. Whether you want to shower your loved ones with affection, treat yourself to a delicious meal, or engage in some fun-filled activities, the options are endless.

For those who value the culinary arts, why not show your appreciation by cooking a scrumptious meal for your loved ones? Gather around the table and indulge in a feast of flavors while sharing stories and laughter.

If you're more of a sports enthusiast, organize a friendly game or join a sports event in honor of those who dedicate themselves to the world of athleticism. Sweat it out, show support, and appreciate the passion that drives athletes of all levels.

And let's not forget about the unsung heroes who keep us safe and secure. Take a moment to express your gratitude towards police officers, firefighters, and other emergency service professionals. Show them how appreciative you are for their selfless acts of bravery and dedication.

A Fun Fact for National Appreciation Day

Did you know that studies have shown expressing gratitude can actually improve your overall well-being? It's true! Taking the time to appreciate others not only benefits them but also brings joy and happiness into your own life.

History behind the term 'Appreciation'

Late 14th century

The Birth of Appreciation

The term 'appreciation' appeared in the late 14th century as a noun derived from the Latin word 'appretiare,' which means 'to set a price upon.' Initially, it was primarily used in a financial context to describe the setting of a value on something, such as goods or services. However, over time, the concept of appreciation evolved beyond just monetary value.

Late 15th century

Aesthetic Recognition

By the late 15th century, 'appreciation' started to encompass a broader sense of aesthetic recognition. It began to be associated with valuing and understanding the quality, beauty, and significance of art, literature, and other cultural expressions. This expansion of the term reflected the growing importance of artistic appreciation in society.

18th century

Intellectual Appreciation

During the 18th century, the concept of appreciation also found its way into intellectual and philosophical circles. It became linked to the recognition and understanding of ideas, concepts, and knowledge. Intellectual appreciation was seen as the ability to comprehend and value the depth and complexity of intellectual pursuits.

19th century

Gratitude and Recognition

In the 19th century, 'appreciation' took on an additional meaning related to gratitude and recognition. It became associated with expressing thanks and acknowledging the worth or efforts of others. This shift highlighted the importance of acknowledging and valuing the contributions and achievements of individuals in various aspects of life.

20th century

Mainstream Usage

With the advent of the 20th century, 'appreciation' became a mainstream term used to express admiration, enjoyment, and acknowledgement in general. It encapsulated the act of recognizing and valuing the positive aspects of people, places, and things. Appreciation became a social and cultural norm, promoting positive interactions and fostering a sense of gratitude and respect.

21st century

Digital Appreciation Era

In the 21st century, 'appreciation' entered a new era with the rise of digital culture. Online platforms and social media facilitated the easy sharing and expression of appreciation towards various content, creative works, and individuals. This era of digital appreciation allowed for widespread recognition and support, fostering a sense of community and encouragement in the virtual world.

Present Day

Personal and Global Impact

Today, appreciation plays a significant role in personal relationships, professional environments, and societal dynamics. It helps individuals connect on a deeper level, promotes positive mental health, and boosts motivation. Additionally, a culture of appreciation has the power to foster greater inclusivity, respect for diverse perspectives, and a sense of unity in the global community.

Did you know?

Fun Fact: Studies have shown expressing gratitude can actually improve your overall well-being!


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